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IDA represents stack frame as a structure. So you need to convert frame offset to structure offset and call SetMemberName.

The following code snapshot demonstrates that.
# find next "mov xxx, eax" instruction
def get_next_eax_store(ea):
	temp_ea = ea
	max_steps = 10
	for step in range(0, max_steps):
		temp_ea = idc.NextHead(temp_ea) # get next instruction
		idaapi.decode_insn(temp_ea)     #decode it
		if idaapi.cmd.itype == idaapi.NN_mov and idaapi.cmd.Op2.type == idaapi.o_reg:
			return idaapi.cmd, temp_ea
	return 0, temp_ea
cmd, addr = get_next_eax_store(ea)
if cmd != 0 and cmd.Op1.type == idaapi.o_phrase: # take only "mov [ebp-xxx],eax" instructions
	sid = idc.GetFrame(ea)
	if sid != None:
		offset = idc.GetFrameLvarSize(ea) - (~(int(cmd.Op1.addr) - 1) & 0xFFFFFFFF)
		idc.SetMemberName(sid, offset, "NewLocalName")

The salt is
offset = GetFrameLvarSize(ea) - (~(int(cmd.Op1.addr) - 1) & 0xFFFFFFFF)
The cmd.Op1.addr (from command "mov [ebp-0x14]") contains -0x14, or 0xFFFFFFEC. Minus 1, then invert converts complement code to true form, & 0xFFFFFFFF is python trick to get valid positive number. So it produces 0x14 for initial value -0x14. Then subtract it from size of local vars, and get a structure offset which can be use as SetMemberName argument.

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