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I've lost my source code!
Fortunately, I have a test program.
But, Test program is not perfect.
Please, I need your help.

Дан архив 49F69C55C47B4AA87059F3EEF391F5A7 с запакованным ASProtect исполняемым файлом и запароленным ZIP-архивом внутри. Распакуем ASProtect.

(russian version)

No, that's not about Quake. This article will be useful for young teams, who've already tried to participate in CTFs.
If you don't know what CTF (Capture The Flag) means, CTF is a competition in information security field. The goal is getting so called "flags" which score you points.

The competition is usually held in the following formats or their variations:

  • Classic: teams search for vulnerabilities in rival's infrastructure, attack them and retrieve flags, while defending their own infrastructure at the same time.
  • Jeopardy: teams solve tasks of various complexity and
    retrieve flags from them.

A competition lasts for 24-48hrs, non-stop, which requires participants to have strong skills and experience. One of the most crucial factors is the ability to share information in real-time. Thus CTF can be considered a model of a time-condensed process, implying data analysis, brainstorming, vulnerabilities search and exploitation, as well as software development.

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