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Here was a archived Users folder too (C1E4775363DE0885E8360ED9A13A86B8).
So, Forensic 200 task also had a straight way solution. We know that possible place for sensitive information is in browser profile or may be in browser crashdump.
Really, in \Users\proneer\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ you can find a profile 075lfxbt.default.
Mozilla stores in profiles huge amount of juicy info, but in our case we are interested in one special file sessionstore.js (you can read Mozilla article about session store).
This file contains session info in JSON format. You can see very interesting data there:

{"url":"http://forensic-proof.com/", ... 
input[@name='s']:"1_UNI/**/ON_SELECT"} ... 
{"state":"running","lastUpdate":1329009797205 ... 

Well, we have a injection value:"1_UNI/**/ON_SELECT" and timestamp:"1329009797". Convert timestamp to date and time: 2012-02-12 10:23:17+09:00 (Seul timezone).

And our flag is 1_UNI/**/ON_SELECT|2012-02-12T10:23:17+09:00

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