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Well, here we have a archived copy of Windows Users folder (525321B9CEDAF3C8D35FC9071D5DD237).
This is a very easy task, that can be solved in three steps:
  1. Let's find a stolen file, make .xls search in given folders (especially in \Users\proneer\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Office\Recent), and you will have: [Top-Secret]_2011_Financial_deals.lnk
  2. Open .lnk-file in SweetScape 010 Editor, then apply a LNK-template, and you take a:
    At offset 34h FileSize -> 2450h -> 9296 bytes
    At offset 24Ah LocalBasePath -> C:\INSIGHT\Accounting\Confidential\[Top-Secret]_2011_Financial_deals.xlsx
    Of course, you can use a really TRUE HACK way, and parse .lnk-file by hands (this article is good point to start).
  3. Last step: prepare the flag.

    import hashlib
    print hashlib.md5('C:\INSIGHT\Accounting\Confidential\[Top-Secret]_2011_Financial_deals.xlsx|9296').hexdigest()

    Flag is d3403b2653dbc16bbe1cfce53a417ab1

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