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As you all probably know, this year DEFCON CTF Final was completely in IPv6. There were 12 teams with IPv6 addresses of servers from dc19:c7f:2011:1::2 to dc19:c7f:2011:c::2.

You probably want to know what did it mean to the team #10 (sutegoma2) with IPv6 address dc19:c7f:2011:a::2?

For them it was extremely difficult to write connect-back shellcodes: it always contained \x0a string from the IP-address which is the caret sign "\n", so the shellcode got cut off by this character.

ddtek made some kind of IP-address team discrimination :-). Hopefully, they are not racists.

Moral: don't use connect-back shellcodes, get whatever you want and terminate inside one connection.

The very first Russian team in the finals of DEFCON CTF gets 4th place!

More writing up is coming soon!

Congrats to all participated members of "IV" and "Smoked Chicken"! Now heading up for 1st place.

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